Many fashion girls like wearing UGG boots in winter, because it's warm and comfortable. And when you take them out to wear as winter comes, you may find mildew on the boot after several months' disposal, it was terrible. But you don't need to worry about, now I'll share with you some effective ways of how to clean Ugg boots. If your boots are white, use water, soft brush, toothpaste, gently brush to remove mildew on the surface of the boots, remember, it's best to use white toothpaste, because other detergent which contains coloring material will die your white boots If your boots are light color, such as camel, pink or beige, if there is not special stain or mildew on your boots, you can only use soft brush and water. For a dirty stain, please use transparent detergent. But if your boots are deep color, be careful; don't use any detergent which contains bleach. Please wash them by hand, it is not recommended to wash cheap ugg boots in washing machine. But you can place wet boots in the spin cycle to wring out water Christian Louboutin Outlet. If your boots shrank after washing, don't worry, be patient, they will return to the original shape after a couple of days. And remember that do not use dryers under any conditions, it's best to dry naturally. Keep boots disposed or and dring away from direct sunshine, which both fades boots and shrinks the damp boots Christian Louboutin Sale. Put a few of papers on the surface when the boots are wet, this will prevent water signs leaving on the surface after dry. It's lucky if mildew only staining on the surface, but how to clean if mildew found inside? You can remove the mildew inside by the same way as remove the mildew on surface. Just use water, detergent and soft brush. But one more tip is to sprinkle baking soda in boots and leave overnight or place the boots in a freezer for 48 hours this will kill the mildew due to the cold air, and mildew can't grow anymore. Finally, you should keep in mind about some preventive measures on UGG boots. Avoid wearing ugg Australia when it is likely they will get dirty, such as rain heavily or snow is wet and dirty. Do not store Ugg boots damp, this encourages mildew growth. Complying with all above cleaning methods and preventive measures, will keep your UGG boots looking as good as new. If you want to learn more information about the shoes, please click here: .


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